We strive to build a meaningful and memorable experience.

Be it the celebration of your gorgeous wedding or an inspiring company gathering, it is incomplete without that perfect essence of food. Elevation LVK is a perfect fit, if you are looking for a pleasing catering experience for an on-site as well as off-site event.

Off-Site Catering

A crucial aspect behind the success of any event is the catering team hired to serve the guests. Elevation LVK offers a high standard, customized catering at clients’ sites like offices, warehouses, private residences, parks, and any other venues. It is a privilege for our team to arrange for your weddings, tailgates, picnics, birthday parties, holiday celebrations, anniversaries and similar events.
It is a pleasure to serve your guests with fresh, delicious and appetizing breakfasts, lunches, dinners. Our mouth-watering, varied menu selections are a delight for the senses and pleasing to the mind. We take pride in our ability to successfully accomplish your special occasion, all catered to your unique location.

On-Site Catering

Our team understands the importance of a ceremony or corporate gathering, thus, provide high-end services to create an ambience that replicates your envisage for the event. Most of the guests remember and talk about the food on their platter. We ensure fresh, best quality and hand-picked food is served to your guests. Prepared with a flair for creativity and high-quality, the dishes will certainly win the hearts of your clients. The combination of an aesthetically pleasing atmosphere, excellent caterers and good food will undoubtedly bring people together to celebrate, discuss, laugh, applaud, or grieve.

A successful and memorable event is all about that mesmerizing ambience and delicious food. While, a part of the team assists you with the layout, design and general aesthetics for the event, our catering team ensures to seamlessly impress your clients, guests with appetizing dishes and their services. We build an aura that brings you back to us for the next sports viewing, private or corporate events.


A gourmet meal to complete your event

We are aware of the complexities while planning a personal or corporate event. One size does not fit all, that is the sole reason we’ve designed a menu with a variety of options to choose from. From serving a cozy breakfast to a warmly lunch to a delightful dinner, we ensure the food uplifts your senses. Check out our exclusively created menus to meet the requirements of your event.